Floral Compositions

This year the winter was long and cold in the region where I live. In the early days of March, the garden seemed lifeless. During the first sunny day when I came out to explore, I realized that among the bare branches and dead leaves there were still no signs of life.

I therefore collected branches of:

  • calicantus – large woody shrub that flowers on bare branches, emits small fragrant yellow-brown flowers
  • gelsomino nudiflorum – flexible and arching branches that blossom small yellow flowers on the first warm day
  • viburnum tinus – this type of viburnum is an evergreen and is the ideal plant to add to the centerpiece of a table in different seasons, creating a green base, very rustic and a large dimension

Finally under a fir tree centenary, including branches and leaves I found that were blooming hellebores, I constructed a floral arrangement and the result is the centerpiece that you see.

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