July means summer. Sunny afternoons and a desire to slow down, come home early from the office, and free yourself from worries, enjoying a nice, juicy peach. Prepare a “piarsolade” or a soup of peaches, sugar, and white wine. In Friuli, particularly in the area of Pavia di Udine and Pradamano, have been preparing this sweet soup that is nice and cold for many years. I believe that Mr. Cipriani of Harry’s Bar in Venice, inventor of the “Bellini”, had the idea for this legendary cocktail after tasting a Friulian “piarsolade”.

This month tomatoes are also ripe in the garden and towards the end of July you can already start to prepare preserves for the winter. Of course tomatoes allow us to make fast and simple dishes that are a good source of minerals that fight the summer heat. I refer to salads, bruschetta, and caprese tomatoes stuffed in various ways, and pasta with tossed quickly in a pan with some tomatoes. Also we cannot forget the combination of tomato and basil that always accompany one another enhancing each others’ flavor.

An interesting fact is that the first tomatoes or “pomodori” in Italian, were native to America and were originally yellow. The word “pomodoro” can mean “golden door handle”, a shape that the first yellow “pomodori” resembled. There are many varieties of tomatoes and it would be useful for our health to use them in some way, breaking the monopoly of using the same type that we usually find with their tough outer skin whose sole purpose is to be less perishable and therefore, easier to commercialize.

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