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November means return inside of the walls of domestic life. The work in the garden has been completed and all you the things you need for the winter and next spring (radishes, cabbages, cauliflower, fennel, leeks, garlic, onions, spinach and chard), have been planted. It’s time to spend the weekend at home, perhaps with a [...]

Sole Roll with Shellfish

The various preparations of sole are a classic in international cuisine for special occasions. This recipe can easily be served at a formal dinner. In this case you can change the side matching perhaps some garden peas or potatoes with thyme.

Rice and Potato Soup

This soup is a classic dish of peasant cooking from Friuli. We have different opinions about its goodness in my family. I personally find it delicious, from the very first spoonful it makes me feel warm and I feel safe at home. Every time that I announce that I’m making this soup my husband snorts, [...]

(Italiano) Contest: Redattore d’Eccezione

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Carrot Cake of Switzerland

This carrot cake has accompanied all the childhood parties of my son. It seemed like a healthy and genuine recipe to offer his friends when they came to the house. Being a sweet cream free cake that maintains its goodness for several days, it was ideal cake to make for the time I had available [...]

Modern Place Setting

Today young couples like to set the table more quickly and easily than their parents, but we can still find elegance in simplicity. You just need a wooden table (in this case one made from ash wood) porcelain dishes and coasters made from a simple circle of dyed wool felt, light and dark gray. Wool [...]


This recipe is a classic from the countryside of Friuli. At one time pumpkins were planted between rows of corn. Their cultivation began right after their discovery in America and were easily integrated in the fields especially since they matured at the same time as the rest of the crops. Pumpkins were round small and [...]