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This month marks the beginning of summer and for me it is the moment when the cherries and apricots that I love mature. These yellow and red fruits put me a good mood. It is the time when the garden explodes in all its beauty, the green has not yet suffered from the summer heat [...]

Small Desserts for “Open Gardens”

On May 19, the “Open Gardens” even took place. The day started out by pouring rain and the visitors equipped themselves with rain boots and umbrellas. Fortunately, the situation improved in the afternoon and into the evening, the sun lit up the plants and roses. This experience has taught me that gardening enthusiasts do not [...]

Moscatella Gialla Cherries

In general I don’t enjoy exercising for merely physical purposes, but I do like to get out and move my body. I love walking because it allows me to observe new things even if the paths that I go down are known. In the fields near my house there is a large cherry tree that [...]

Contest “Chicchi di Gusto”

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Risotto of Flowers

Rice is an excellent accompaniment to all kinds of vegetables and helps you prepare, for a very low cost, a complete single dish that nourishes and provides great satisfaction to the palate. In my family, risotto was always on the weekly menu in all seasons. Rice provides an infinite number of variations, as many as [...]

Cooking Class – Filled Pastas

A few days ago, along with Colleen (my daughter-in-law), we conducted a lecture on different kinds of filled pastas for some Austrian ladies who were guests at the Borgo dei Conti della Torre, a farmhouse in an old dwelling on the banks of the river in Morsano al Tagliamento.