During the month of July, summer lets us discover all its major attractions. The outdoors, the sun, the beach, or hiking in the mountains. Nature gives us the best fruits, peaches, apricots, melons, and watermelons to quench our thirst. The berries with their perfume make us dream enchanted places. In the garden, the hydrangeas with their large flowers color the shadowy hidden places.

In the garden, the undisputed protagonist is the zucchini. This vegetable that has been out for more than a month already, starts producing in July at the maximum of its potential. Its abundance forces me to find different ways to cook it and thus entices the family to eat a vegetable that is on our table almost everyday.

Zucchini flowers are a delight, fried in batter, steamed, or baked stuffed lightly. A special feature that should be collected are the male flowers (those that do not show below the bulge from which develops the zucchini) and early in the morning when the flower is open. Within hours later the flowers close at the end of the morning and withers.

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