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Roman-Style Gnocchi

Semolina gnocchi entered my family menu when Andrea (my son) was two years old. Andrea, as I was able to tell, it was absolutely uninterested in food, he used all his energy towards games. I always had to invent something that seemed like a game. The gnocchi were also an opportunity for me to understand [...]

Cavasso Red Onions

Cavasso red onions from Pordenone, are hard to find. Being a niche product grown in small quantities is not commonly found in the supermarket, I must point out this product for its significance in a world that is moving towards genetically modified products. First off, these are an ode to women. This onion was handed [...]

Fettuccine with Cavasso Red Onion

Young red onions from Cavasso have been a nice discovery. Despite living in the same province of Pordenone, I had never heard of this vegetable that until a few years ago they were the exclusive cultivation of kitchen gardens in the foothills of the municipality. Gianna, a friend of my sister’s, lives in the area [...]


Cream of Two Celery Soup


Shrimp with Two Celery

The dish can be presented as an appetizer or as a main course, it depends on the quantity. The doses written here are those of an entree. This is recipe published in the Christmas special of the magazine “A TAVOLA” from 1997. Every so often, when I need to relax, I browse my old magazines [...]


This vegetable belongs to the Umbelliferae family and is typical of the Mediterranean basin. In ancient Greece it was considered a medicine of such importance as to be considered sacred and represented in coins. The ancient Sicilian town of Selinunte is devoted to celery. In the Odyssey it is said that Achilles would use celery [...]