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(Italiano) Menù di Natale 2014

Cooking Class – Filled Pastas

A few days ago, along with Colleen (my daughter-in-law), we conducted a lecture on different kinds of filled pastas for some Austrian ladies who were guests at the Borgo dei Conti della Torre, a farmhouse in an old dwelling on the banks of the river in Morsano al Tagliamento.

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St. Valentine’s Day Menu

February 14 – St. Valentine’s Day, A Menu for a Romantic Evening

Puntarelle Salad
Cream of Leek Soup with Shrimp
Snapper (or sea bass or sea bream) baked in salt with Ginger Sauce
Thyme potatoes
Baci di Dama Cookies

The recipes are all come from the blog. This dinner can be arranged quietly for 8:00pm or 9:00pm or even as soon as you return from work at 6:00pm. I try to provide some indications of organization. Of course if you’re already organized you do not need to continue reading.

Do your grocery shopping after work for the menu

Prepare the Baci di Dama cookies

Thursday, St. Valentine’s Day
7am – prepare the puntarelle and leave them in water until you arrive in the evening. Prepare the dressing.
6pm – prepare the vegetables for the soup and cook them
6:30pm – peel the shrimp and saute them quickly in a pan
7:00pm – blend the cream of leek soup and prepare the fish and the sauce, prepare potatoes
7:40pm – set the table and chill the wine in the fridge (Ribolla)
8:00pm – bake fish and potatoes
8:05pm – prepare for the evening
8:20pm – drain the puntarelle and dry with paper towels, place them in individual dishes.
8:30pm – dress the puntarelle and bring to the table along with the wine
8:45pm – turn off the oven and serve the cream
at this point, I wish you a good evening

Christmas Menu

I would like to propose three Christmas menus so that everyone can find ideas to suit their needs. The Christmas season has many opportunities to stay at home with family and friends so you might try all three of them, of course we should always remember to choose the dishes based on the tastes of our guests.

All the recipes are simple and apart from the sea bass fish menu, also inexpensive. I remind you that sea bass can be replaced by a Bosega (a variety of mullet, a typical fish from the Adriatic) or simply with a trout. You just have to remember not to flake the fish and dry it well.

Last year I prepared a sea bass cooked in a salt crust in honor of our American guest Josef. He was very enthusiastic and after returning home to the state of Montana, he decided to make this recipe with a trout that abounds in the rivers of the green state. The success was such that he sent me the photo of that nice lunch he prepared. The recipes are not all in the blog but within 10 days will all be published. Good luck and Merry Christmas to all.

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Modern Place Setting

Today young couples like to set the table more quickly and easily than their parents, but we can still find elegance in simplicity. You just need a wooden table (in this case one made from ash wood) porcelain dishes and coasters made from a simple circle of dyed wool felt, light and dark gray. Wool felt provides warmth to the table and protects the surface from stains and humidity from the glasses. The felt attenuates noises everytime the glass touches the table.  To learn more about this product, visit

Herb Butter

This recipe is especially dedicated for those who have planted herbs in a garden or on a balcony. During the winter season the herbs dry out and then return to life in the spring. This is therefore an appropriate time to pick them and prepare Maître d’Hôtel Butter. Properly stored in a freezer, this compound butter will allow you to enjoy the flavor of herbs during the cold season and impress your guests by adding it on top preparations baked or grilled fish or meat. It is very suitable for a little slice of fillet cooked quickly without any other condiments.

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Summer Tables

To confirm that the kitchen and the table are the mirror of the culture of the country and present socio-economic situation at that time, I thought I would recall our summer experiences (mine and my husband’s) through four tables settings on which we sat to enjoy a moment of peace and relaxation. The places are very different from one other as well as were the foods that we tasted. In all cases it was the beautiful experiences that have left more than the pleasure of a good meal.

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The Easter lunch that I propose contains the scents of April. Asparagus, artichokes, eggs, and peas, these vegetables have the main role. The menu is simple and is not intended to create too many problems during preparation.

I propose two desserts, one light creamy dessert to enjoy with the meal and a more substantial dessert to enjoy with coffee in the afternoon after a nice walk.

I like to offer guests the option for a small walk somewhere in the countryside around my house on Easter. Upon returning from the walk we set a table outside and enjoy a delicious dessert in the fresh air. Even if you live in a big city you can organize a walk in the park somewhere. While you prepare the menu think about where you want to take your guests or just the family.


Asparagus in Bellavista

First Course
Mammole Artichokes Stuffed with Mushrooms

Second Course
Filet Mignon Flambé with Peas and Carrots

Catalan Cream (to enjoy at the end of the meal)
Cherry Surprise (to enjoy with coffee)