Cherry Tomato Marinara Sauce

At Santa Caterina we have always prepared canned tomatoes for the winter, from peeled tomatoes to marinara sauce. Until a few years ago I was not doing these preparations, there was always someone else to do them, my mother or a neighbor. They spent time together, peeling tomatoes on sunny […]


Spring Gnocchi

In this recipe I have tried to bring together the elements of spring – white and green asparagus, peas, spring onions, and fresh ricotta. This dish is a bit laborious, suitable for an important meal or when you want to pamper your family.  


Leek Pie

Leeks are a vegetable that is often used in place of onions, it is very delicate and aromatic, and more easily digestible. Although leeks are found throughout the year in the grocery store, I associate this vegetable with the autumn-winter period in which the vegetable tastes best. Before the leeks […]


Zucchini with the Taste of the Sea

A few years ago while on vacation in Argentina, home of my Aunt Giuseppina, I noticed that the zucchini they sold in the market were mostly round and green, a variety that I’d never seen my usual grocery store. This year I found the round type that I had seen […]


Asparagus Sformatino

Because my husband is a huge fanatic of asparagus, the month of May is always dedicated to searching out places where it was fresh picked. The quantities we generally buy are pretty large so I have to organize myself to cook it in various ways. One night when I came […]


Raw Artichoke Salad with Flakes of Parmesan

In the 70s, the San Lorenzo market in Florence was a real triumph of colors and scents. In the spring, it was characterized in a blaze of strawberries, beans pods, and violet and spiny artichokes. At that time I was a college student and lived not far from the San […]


Fennel Mousse

Fennel are often considered a vegetable that is uninteresting and something to leave for people with health problems. I think this idea should be reviewed, not only because it actually keeps us healthy but also because fennel lends itself to many preparations. This recipe is very simple and goes well […]