Spaetzle With Cauliflower Cream

The first time I tasted spaetzle was during a trip to Austria. These dumplings were served as an accompaniment to a dish of pieces of meat with paprika. They were so soft and good that when I return home I immediately tried to create the recipe. Over the years I have tried many variations. The dish that I propose involves dressing them with a cauliflower cream. It is a way to eat veggies and use a low amount of fat. Today you can find spaetzle in the supermarket, they are the green version (with spinach) in transparent packaging in the refrigerated section.

If you try this recipe you will find that it is very easy to make but to facilitate the operation there is a little tool that looks like a cheese grater and which is found in cooking stores.

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Roman-Style Gnocchi

Semolina gnocchi entered my family menu when Andrea (my son) was two years old. Andrea, as I was able to tell, it was absolutely uninterested in food, he used all his energy towards games. I always had to invent something that seemed like a game. The gnocchi were also an opportunity for me to understand that he was developing an aesthetic eye that was revealed when he became older.

The preparation is very simple, but you some leftover dough remains from the cutout circles. To get help from Andrea, I used to put one of my aprons around him and he would climb up on the chair and help me make the gnocchi by cutting out the circles from the plastic stamp.

One day, after preparing a wreath of gnocchi, I told him to try to fix the leftover trimmings in the center and I walked away from the table. After a while, he called me in with his finger (at that time he only knew a few words) and showed me what he had done. To my surprise he had moved all the trimmings into the pan with harmony in an arrangement that I would not have been able to do. Of course I praised a it a lot. That day he ate his portion of gnocchi without stories and from that moment was one of his favorite dishes.

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Fettuccine with Cavasso Red Onion

Young red onions from Cavasso have been a nice discovery. Despite living in the same province of Pordenone, I had never heard of this vegetable that until a few years ago they were the exclusive cultivation of kitchen gardens in the foothills of the municipality.

Gianna, a friend of my sister’s, lives in the area where they come from. In fact it is very special, it makes you tear up when you cut it, it’s sweet but intense if eaten raw and tender and delicate when cooked. For some years Cavasso held a rally to promote the onion in all its forms. This year I wanted to attend a gala dinner made ​​in the beautiful rooms of the “Palazzat” in Cavasso Nuovo.

The preparation of the tables was very beautiful and elegant. I particularly appreciated the appetizers where the onion was present in various forms, all the forms were great. The appetizer buffet was served on trays of nickel silver, a bit baroque but beautiful.

From this experience, I thought I’d combine the red onion Cavasso with fish, shrimp in particular that generally do not go well with onion. This fettuccine sauce that I propose.

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Pesto Fettuccine

Pesto pasta is known in various countries around the world thanks to an industrial production which allows you to store basil and pine nuts in glass jars ready to be enjoyed at any time of the year even when there is the snow. I personally believe that “Pasta al Pesto” should be enjoyed in the summer when basil is at its maximum flavor and is absolutely fresh.

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Paccheri Pasta with Stars

Belgian endive is a vegetable that I use often during the winter stewed with a little beer. This recipe pairs it with pasta and the result is very tasty. This first course dish is a dish containing: carbohydrates, protein, calcium and vitamins.

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Winter Scented Crepes

This recipe comes from Stefania who prepared it some time ago for a Christmas lunch. I really liked because it wraps up the scents of winter and the flavors of Friuli. In fact, the cheese that provides the right creaminess to this preparation is a cheese called “stracchino”. This product, which seems to have originated in Lombardy, has a strong tradition in Friuli, in fact the cooperative that makes it named it “Stracchino Friulino“.

Stracchino was once the cheese of the elderly and those who had a grandfather in the family knew this cheese well as something that was soft and slightly acidic and could not be without at home. This cheese is very nourishing and easily digestible and is made from raw milk that still contains all the aroma and flavor from the milk.

The other ingredient is the cabbage. Cabbages are winter vegetables that par excellence. They resist the wind thanks to a powerful root system and ice makes them even more beautiful as well as keeping them fresh. If you are near a garden with cabbage, you should go on a cold day to photograph cabbage you will see ice crystals make them almost magical.

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Christmas Scroll

We are not used to beer combined with fish and in a restaurant if someone drinks a beer while eating sea bass in salt we tend to think that the person is a little crazy. I thought of using the pairing of beer with fish fish not only as an accompaniment but as the dish itself. This dish challenges preconceived notions of what pairs well together.

The fish chosen is monkfish, which in my opinion for texture and flavor can best resemble meat and therefore marry well with beer. The experiment was very pleasant and I definitely will use this dish on the menu for Christmas Eve. Because of the shape of the dish and the poetry of the flavors I decided to name dish “Christmas Scroll.”

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Tagliolini with Scallops and Asparagus

This dish was invented from the idea to use scallops, a shellfish typical of the Venetian lagoon which are in abundance and quality of fish in my country, in another way. Normally they are frozen and thawed but in this time of year they are sold carrying their freshly caught scent of the sea.

Scallops are usually eaten fried or in combination with other ingredients for tasty fish sauce. I thought I could combine them with green asparagus to mutually enhance the flavor. The result was a paring that was tasty and light.

You have to spend quite a long time cleaning the scallops which has a small black bag that represents the gut. This preparation takes away any bitter taste. To do this you must use a scissors and cut the bag at the base.

The preparation is a unique dish and carbohydrates, fish, and vegetables make a complete meal.

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