No Worries Soup

These past few days my professional life created a bit of grief and some stress to digest. My husband thought it was best for us to go with our friends, Marcia and Fabio, to the thermal bath in Saturnia to spend a few days to soak in the splendid warm and sulphurous waters.

SPAs seem like an invention of modern times, but in reality, this acronym was coined by the ancient Romans meaning “Water For Health”, in my case I went there to help my psychological health. After two days, the water washed away my negative thoughts and was able again to write this blog again.

The recipe I created in Saturnia was a soup I like to call “No Worries Soup”. This is a variation of “Acquacotta Maremmana” that Mrs. Maurizia serves to her guests at the “Bianchina” in Poggio Capanne. It is a refreshing and nutritious dish and provides everything needed for a complete dinner.

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Cream of Lentil Soup

The recipe combines the symbols of winter: good luck and prosperity lentils, cabbage, a vegetable resistant to frost of winter, and sweet winter squash. This soup is served in small portions using consommé cups, can be incorporated into an important meal, and is delicious and easy to digest. It can also be prepared one day in advance.

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Fish Soup with Paprika

Fish soup is a dish prepared for fishermen from the remaining unsold fish. Back in the day it was considered a poor man’s dish. The evolution of the kitchen has transformed soup into a sophisticated and refined dish. Each region that faces the sea has a soup that uses fish that inhabit the sea with the imagination of the cook.

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Cream of Cauliflower Soup

In recent years I’ve seen beautiful cauliflower mixed in with bridal bouquets. Cauliflower is a source of elements for our body and healthy enough to be considered, along with all the cruciferous vegetables (cabbage, savoy cabbage, kohlrabi (German turnip or Italian “cavolo rapa”), brussels sprouts, a food medicine.

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Cream of Pumpkin and Chestnut Soup

This creamy soup uses chestnut flour. Chestnut flour has a distinctive flavor that is enhanced by ginger. It’s good way to warm up a chilly night.

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Homemade Meat Broth

A good cup of meat broth was once the conventional medicine that was advised for colds and recovery from sickness in general. Today meat broth is made with various types of meat and granulated preparations, making it possible to prepare soups without having to follow the lengthy preparation for broth.

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Cream of Bean Soup with Shrimp Tails

Many people think that beans are earthy and rustic. Matched with shellfish, they become a surprising experience, something you usually only find in the dishes of great chefs. If you have the patience to prepare this recipe, you will discover a delicious and impressive dish.

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Autumn Soup

This recipe combines the last tomatoes from the garden with pumpkin. This recipe uses “Originario” rice, a short grained Italian rice that is ideal for making soups. This rice is tiny and round and is suitable for absorbing the liquid. If you live in a place where you can’t find this particular variety, try a rice with the same characteristics that are described above. This soup needs at least an hour to cook to allow the ingredients to blend so that they develop a flavorful broth.

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