This blog is the fruit of the ideas of two generations and two cultures, Italian and American. Everyone can improve their diet and learn to cook. In every corner of the world you can find products cooked with simplicity, making the meal a moment of joy and harmony.

In particular, we stopped to think about the United States, a place where you can find great ingredients and houses with beautiful super-equipped kitchens, yet few people have the desire to cook at home.

In Italy however, it is customary to prepare meals at home. Many people think of this as a burden and more people are using boxed ingredients and eating dinner in a hurry. Meals are no longer a time to socialize with the family about the day’s events.

Cooking is a way to bring out creativity and to show affection for those who live with us. It’s an occasion to stay together with your children in a constructive and educational way, finding some little task appropriate to their age.

All the recipes are designed with short cooking times.

A good cuisine should bring pleasure, without taking anything away from the activities and interests of the cook.

With the help of my son (an architect) and my daughter-in-law (graphic designer), founders of design studio archipose, we decided to organize the blog so that you can find answers and insights to the various questions anyone new to cooking might have, as well as some interesting facts about me to understand my principles and experiences that drive the recipes. You are welcome to give us feedback and suggestions in the comments section.

The blog menu consists of the following sections:

In this space you’ll find my biography and future news.

The menu of the week is prepared to ensure a variety of ingredients that allow us to maintain a diet that balances the carbohydrates, proteins, and sugars we eat. This section is useful if you decide to follow our weekly menu. You can simply print the list and go to the supermarket. The quantities proposed in the list take into account how products are packaged for sale. If the recipe of the week requires a ½ pound of flour, the shopping list will include a whole bag of flour. Don’t worry, the flour will keep and we will use it for the recipes in the following weeks. In fact, I will keep in mind the ingredients that have been previously listed and could be stored.

Each month a topic will be discussed in-depth about the way you choose, keep, and use the products. Readers should feel free to suggest topics of interest.

All recipes are stored and sorted by type. If you’re not in the habit of keeping your computer on, you can print the recipes and place them in a binder for future reference.

If you have a green space, you will find some ideas to create a garden that is “beautiful” and “delicious”. Each month we will talk about a vegetable or a fruit that can be easily grown, including small advice on planting, fertilizing, or pruning.

This section will include articles that I have published in culinary magazines.

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  1. Pierluigi Brunetta says:

    Bravissimi ! Idea splendida e il lavoro é ben fatto …. per ora. Dico per ora perché con il tempo, conoscenoti, diventerà ancor più bello, splendido !

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