Cavolo Nero

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I discovered this variety of cabbage for the first time in Poggio Capanne (Saturnia) in Tuscany at trattoria “Bianchina”. The crostini with cavolo nero were a real treat. Cavolo nero is perhaps one of the oldest varieties of cabbage, now mainly grown in Tuscany. A few years ago it became available many supermarkets.

Cavolo nero has beneficial properties for health because it is rich in potassium and vitamins A and C. It is sold in bunches and has dark green leaves and is characterized by a surface that is blistering and waxy. Buy this product only if the leaves are firm, dark green, and free of stains.

Cavolo nero can be used in soups, soups in combination with other vegetables, or as a juicy sauce on top slices of bread. It can also be served raw cut into thin strips. In this case it must be really fresh otherwise it will be too bitter.

The taste of cavolo nero is a bit bitter but piquant. I recommend you buy it only when you are going to use it right away. If you decide to make a soup, you can store it in the freezer in plastic containers in quantities that are suitable for your family.


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