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Cherry trees are quite beautiful and if you have a yard big enough think about planting at least one tree. Cherry trues have beautiful blossoms in the spring and juicy fruit in late May and early July depending on the variety you choose. During the summer these trees will ensure some pleasant shade.

This tree does not require great care in growing and requires no special pruning other than those for containment. It is a tree that becomes very large but today there are also smaller varieties in the market. Although this plant may be susceptible to diseases we leave it alone and let nature draw its picture.

Cherry trees are native to Europe and Asia. The most popular varieties in Italy are “durone” from Vignola, “ferrovia” from Apulia, and “graffione bianco” from the Piedmont region. All three varieties are on the table that you see represented for the month of June. Cherries have purifying properties and help detoxify and prepare for our body for the summer heat.

A curiosity: the variety “ferrovia” began to spread in 1935 by a railroad crossing “Sammichele di Bari” (the name of this railroad) where a tree was growing and whose seed was brought by some bird.


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