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I always associate June with cherries. When I was little we had a large cherry tree and its fruit was particularly delicious. Even my father craved it. I waited anxiously for him to have a little time to collect the cherries. I went with him and patiently waited under the tree while he gathered the cherries using a long shaft and bucket. My father of course was eating the cherries while he was picking them so it took forever! I waited with my nose pointed upward, and occasionally said: Dad… are you done yet? He moved among the branches with agility without answering (he was too busy eating) meanwhile I threw the little wisps of cherries on the ground. Then we went back home happy with our red bounty. He made ​​me carry the bucket in one hand, as if he needed my help and I felt proud.

June is also the month of peas, zucchini, the first apricots, beets, and towards the end of the month we begin to have of all the vegetables that will accompany us in the summer. In June and you can eat outside if you have a garden or a terrace. Eating in the garden makes you feel as if you are in vacation and it is a way to commune with nature. A lunch or dinner in the garden helps create the right atmosphere to gather with family and friends.


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