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Tomatoes are said to be the most widely used vegetable in the world. Tomatoes originated from the Andean Cordillera between Chile and Equador. The Incas were the earliest cultivators of this vegetable.

Tomatoes are rich in minerals and trace elements. Potassium predominates over all and helps our body to regain water balance therefore reducing water retention and fatigue. They also contain phosphorus, calcium, iron, zinc, selenium and fiber, a true elixir of health. With this knowledge it is worth it to grow tomatoes!

Tomatoes can be grown in pots. If you have a garden, try growing some tomatoes maybe near the fence so that you can use it as a support. Tomatoes in fact need support to grow. Cultivation requires the knowledge of cultivation techniques to make sure you have a good product, if you want to try out some new plants, it’s easy today to find new types on the internet from the comfort of our house.

In any case, the most beautiful and satisfying things is to prepare a salad with crops from the garden. In Italy there are about 320 varieties of tomato. The photo shows several varieties that the recently deceased architect grew in a corner of my house.


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