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November means return inside of the walls of domestic life. The work in the garden has been completed and all you the things you need for the winter and next spring (radishes, cabbages, cauliflower, fennel, leeks, garlic, onions, spinach and chard), have been planted. It’s time to spend the weekend at home, perhaps with a good book (or writing for a blog) in front of the fireplace.

I would say November means thinking about the smell of roasted chestnuts. Not the ones that you find on the street corners of big cities (almost gigantic and often coming from China not Italy) but those that are cooked on top the wood stove with my mother. The pleasure of roasting chestnuts in the privacy of our home seems like a great privilege. It’s nice to be able to maintain the new and old: writing on my “tablet” (a sort of laptop on which I often write the recipes) in the same room where we can enjoy the rustic simplicity of roasted chestnuts cooked in the oldest way possible, the wood fire.

November is still time for pumpkins. The pumpkin in the middle of the table of this month is a decorative pumpkin that was a gift from my Aunt Rita. The dishes are from the American factory “Lenox.” This porcelain factory was founded at the end of the nineteenth century, the United States wanted to produce for themselves the services of China without having to resort to the English. The porcelain is characterized by its ivory color due to the type of clay and firing. The plates have a design that you see the 70’s that I found years ago for turning un’autlet in the state of Maine.


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