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If I close my eyes and think about December, I can smell the scent of oranges, vanilla and the softness of whipped cream in my mouth. Despite the passing of the years in which my memories of anxiously waiting for Christmas remain a bit foggy, Advent is still the best time of year. Waiting for something special sometimes gives you more pleasure than the actually thing itself.

December is definitely the month more related to food than any other month. We always gather around food events, from holiday events in the office, dinner with friends, Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, and Christmas lunch. If you are having one of these events at home, it is important to plan ahead, without trying to make too many things. You can follow some of my advice in the “How to Make” section.

At the end of next week I will present a menu for Christmas. The table shown is intended as a suggestion to reuse an old tablecloth decorated with a golden tulle mesh that you can get for a few dollars. The centerpiece from the yard gathers berries and leaves and chillies from the garden.


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