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Cold and darkness characterize the first month of the year, especially in this part of Italy. Vacations and the Christmas holidays are over, the decorations have been placed away and there is a bit of a heavy feeling from the many dinners and desserts that we’ve eaten. In the garden there are no signs of life and even my center-tables are affected.

One positive aspect of the period is that we can start to plan activities for the new year. The warmth in your house creates a nice environment to plan your spring garden and what to plant in the yard. Of course, it is also a time to think about vacations and possible destinations. We have plenty of time to read and inform ourselves about how to get to all the different destinations and read up on all the typical products prepared in each region so we can enjoy them more and take them home with us.

Since we are in the middle of winter weekends it is easy to have the opportunity to stay at home. It can be an opportunity to prepare something hot and invigorating. The plant that best represents this month, is the “cabbage” to whom I dedicate the first recipe of the year.


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