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This month, the shortest of the year, celebrates very some special moments: carnival, the beginning of Lent, and the day of lovers. February comes from the Latin word “februare”, meaning to purify. In the kitchen, we could say that after the excesses of Christmas and the carnival this month we should start preparing our body for the rebirth of spring foods that help to purify. In this sense, chicory and the entire family of cabbage, artichokes, fennel, citrus fruits, can be of great help.

The February table is red in homage to all lovers. Finding some romance and poetry helps us to face the hardships of life and when our time so unromantic. In the garden I found only the buds of the “viburnum tinus.” Hellebores which I intended to help with the decoration of this table have just a hint of buds and indicate that winter is still here.


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