Moscatella Gialla Cherries

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In general I don’t enjoy exercising for merely physical purposes, but I do like to get out and move my body. I love walking because it allows me to observe new things even if the paths that I go down are known. In the fields near my house there is a large cherry tree that produces white fruits that mature and take on shades of gold. The tree is beautiful in the spring and its flowers are a real spectacle. It has very large and particularly prefers cold winters and rainy springs. The last two seasons have created an ideal production for this plant.

In June, early in the morning I try to take a walk before facing the day that consisted of closed meetings to address difficult topics. When these cherries are ripe, stopping to pick some is mandatory. The branches are laden with fruit and hang down and it’s so easy to pick them.

This type of cherry is an ancient variety and is little known. It is a botanical rarity that has firm fruits with a hint of bitterness. Enjoying them in the morning straight from the tree provides me with a a feeling of freshness and I fee that its purifying qualities help my liver get rid of toxins and I feel lighter mentally as well.


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