Baking Bingo

As you all know, my kitchen is my playground. I consider the mixture of butter, eggs, and flour as a game that I love to continue playing. I recently read about this interesting game that you can do in the kitchen that largely concerns flour – Baking Bingo. Enjoying this game with your kids is a fun and educational activity. A great way to introduce them to the kitchen early.

It may be useful to know that based on history, the Norse diet is composed mainly of wholemeal bread that come from oats and rye. The Norse, also known as the Vikings, hand mill their bread on grindstones. So, it could be another good idea to incorporate the Norse theme in your Baking Bingo game. A graphical idea that you can consider is the Level 5 Norse theme of BingoGodz, an online bingo game that has several themes that you can unlock as you proceed through the game. Why don’t you add a picture of a hungry Viking on to your bingo card? That would be a good way to educate children in history and cooking. What are you waiting for? Dust off your table and prepare for an exciting game of Baking Bingo.

Here are the instructions:

· Choose nine words from the list that I will provide and jot these down on your Baking Bingo Board.

· Pay attention to the questions that will be read out. If you feel you have the right answer, cross the word out on your card.

· You will win the game if you can get three correct answers in a straight line.

· You can also opt to complete the whole Baking Bingo Board to choose the overall winner.

Below are some of the recommended words that you can use. You can add and delete as you please.

· Wholemeal
· Hollow
· Gluten
· Dough
· Self raising flour
· Brown Wheat Grains
· Carbon dioxide
· Iron
· Milling
· Yeast
· Plain flour
· Vitamin C
· Bran
· Kneading
· Strong plain flour
· Proving
· Moisture
· Egg

Here are examples of questions that you can use. You can formulate your own questions to match the list of words that you provide your bingo players.

· What type of flour has 85% of original grain? (BROWN)

· What type of flour has 100% of original grain? (WHOLEMEAL)

· Which flour is the best for making bread? (STRONG PLAIN FLOUR)

· Which flour is recommended for shortcrust pastry? (PLAIN FLOUR)

· What protein network is present in flour that makes bread dough elastic and stretchable when water is added? (GLUTEN)

· Which flour is recommended for making scones and cakes? (SELF-RASING FLOUR)

· What do you call the process when you leave the bread dough to rise and allowed to double in size? (PROVING)

· What do you call the dough stretching to develop the gluten? (KNEADING)

· What sound would you get when you tap the base of a cooked bread? (HOLLOW)

· What other condition do you need to allow yeast to work and rise the bread: Food, time, warmth, and? (MOISTURE)

Make sure to shout bingo when your card is full. Before proclaiming a winner, never forget to check if the answers are correct.


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