The Tales of Leonardo da Boston: The Red Tomatoes

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Today Mama took me for a walk to that place she calls a vegetable garden. We
have been there many times, but today, since I now know the place and after
protesting a bit with gestures and mouth sounds, she let me get me down and
stand up. Finally I was able to explore as I wanted!

I was barefoot as always and I realized that when you walk where there are
woodchips you feel prick your feet but it doesn’t bother me, after all it’s so
much better than having your feet inside those things they call shoes that don’t
make you feel anything.

I thought it was strange that in containers where you usually put things and
toys they had put that brown powder that mom calls earth and so many green
plants with red balls. I really like touching the ground because it’s strange,
once it’s hard and you have to scratch with your fingers to get it, sometimes
it’s soft, other times it’s still wet.

The color also changes. I would always put it in my mouth to better
understand what it is but as soon as my mother sees that I hold it in my hand
she hurries to tell me: “NO, you can’t eat that! I do not understand why,
in fact, I put it in my mouth quickly without her noticing and I didn’t find it
so bad. It still seemed better than something that my father has been giving me
every morning for a few days and which he calls Medicine. However adults are
strange but I realized that it is better to do as they say because one day I
will surely understand the reasons.

Returning to this morning, I was also able to touch the red balls that I was
able to call tomatoes. Of course I detached one from the plant, the one closest
to me which was not red but green. I also wanted to eat this right away. It was
nice round, smooth and had a particular scent. I was about to bite into it but
Mama intervened immediately. She took it out of my hands and immediately gave
me the red one. She patiently gave me a long speech about green and red
tomatoes but of all those words I only understood well that if you want to put
them in your mouth they must be red otherwise they hurt your stomach lots and





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