When I was little in all the fields that my parents worked (in their case rented) there was a one that was particularly special. It had in fact the characteristic of being bordered to the right and left by a row of of fig trees. The owner of the land […]



Tomatoes are said to be the most widely used vegetable in the world. Tomatoes originated from the Andean Cordillera between Chile and Equador. The Incas were the earliest cultivators of this vegetable. Tomatoes are rich in minerals and trace elements. Potassium predominates over all and helps our body to regain […]



Cherry trees are quite beautiful and if you have a yard big enough think about planting at least one tree. Cherry trues have beautiful blossoms in the spring and juicy fruit in late May and early July depending on the variety you choose. During the summer these trees will ensure […]


Floral Compositions

This year the winter was long and cold in the region where I live. In the early days of March, the garden seemed lifeless. During the first sunny day when I came out to explore, I realized that among the bare branches and dead leaves there were still no signs […]


Compositions for the Holidays

A centerpiece helps to set the mood at Christmas. It is important to use simple natural elements, collecting things from the garden or from a walk in the woods or fields. I propose some compositions that I prepared using only the elements that I personally collected.  



This month you can begin planting new trees in the garden or terrace or at the edges of the garden. If you enjoy color in the winter months, I recommend planting shrubs that produce colorful berries in autumn. This way you will be able to collect useful elements to decorate […]


Growing Pumpkins

Pumpkins require a lot of space but they can still be grown in gardens, a home garden, or in pots. If you have a terrace, you can experiment with the cultivation of a pumpkin plant or small decorative pumpkins. They can grow several meters and grow well as a climber. […]



Grapes are not only the ingredient needed to make wine, but also a valuable ally for your health. If you have a garden with good sun exposure, you could create a small corner to grow grapes. Under a pergola of strawberry grapes, a variety that does not require treatment and […]