Raw Artichoke Salad with Flakes of Parmesan

In the 70s, the San Lorenzo market in Florence was a real triumph of colors and scents. In the spring, it was characterized in a blaze of strawberries, beans pods, and violet and spiny artichokes. At that time I was a college student and lived not far from the San […]


Caraway Scented Cabbage Strudel

Cabbage is an ingredient widely used in Eastern and Northern Europe. If you happen to go to Croatia or Slovenia in the winter, you will find it as an accompaniment to pork served as a cabbage strudel. Whenever I tried this dish I felt the desire to learn the recipe, […]


Pumpkin Sformatino with Walnut Sauce

Sformatinos are always a nice way to start a meal. I experimented with steaming using the same pot where I steam the vegetables and the result creates a very soft sformatino. The cheese sauce is the same sauce that you find in Pumpkin Lasagna. The pumpkin is cooked the day […]


Sfogliatine of Gorgonzola and Pears

This year on the occasion of my sister’s birthday I decided to make dinner and bring together the whole family as well. The highlight of the meal were the pork chops, prepared with a special marinade of spices and apricot jam (made in June with the help of Colleen), that […]


Watermelon Appetizer

The watermelon in this recipe is used to make an interesting appetizer, light and fit to begin a summer dinner or a quick snack on hot summer days. A few weeks ago Colleen prepared this recipe, recalling a dish she had eaten at a Polo match in the United States. […]


Scallops with Avocado

In Florida, the warm climate and abundant nature invites to a light diet and strongly bound to the context. A very common fruit is the avocado, which you can also find in Italian supermarkets. Is hight in potassium (more than bananas) and vitamin E and B1. The recipe that I […]


December Salad

This is a small fresh antipasto salad suitable to begin Christmas lunch. It can also be used as a single dish for dinner in the following days when you want to give your stomach a rest and dispose of a few calories.  


Spinach Sformatino with Mushroom Sauce

This “sformatino” was my first experiment at home to enjoy the soft delicacies that are often served at the opening of restaurant meals. This test made me realize the opportunity I had to experiment with the various types of vegetable “sformatini” and ingredients. I plan to present many more.