Crostini from the Garden and the Sea

The choice in our house was to not have a television in the room where we eat. Dinner is the only time when the family gets together and it is a time when we can talk about the day’s events, problems, but also funny and entertaining things. It’s also a […]


Prosciutto and Pear Salad

This salad is a specialty of my sister Flavia. We often use it as an appetizer when we organize a meal together for many people. The dish is a triumph of the products of Friuli. The salted pork is from Sauris, Red Williams Pears from Pavia di Udine, 60-day aged […]


Pears and Camembert

You only need a few ingredients to prepare a delightful dinner. The combination of cheese and pears has been around for ages. This recipe adds a further element of the season: walnuts.