Roman Artichokes

If you happen to travel to Rome, you’ll notice that in many restaurants, the artichokes are always served with the stem straight upwards. This peculiarity surprised me the first time I saw it, but when I tasted and savored the softness, I realized that this was the best way to […]


Festive Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes are certainly a common preparation that are present on all of our tables. Today we can buy them in a box, ready to be served in minutes. While I admire the ready-made mashed potatoes for their food technology, I’ve never bought one. If done in the traditional way, […]


Green Beans with Butter and Sage

Green beans, though belonging to the legume family, have characteristics closer to the vegetables like possessing little protein. They are low in calories, but delicious.  


Crostini from the Garden and the Sea

The choice in our house was to not have a television in the room where we eat. Dinner is the only time when the family gets together and it is a time when we can talk about the day’s events, problems, but also funny and entertaining things. It’s also a […]


Fennel Gratin

My family has always considered fennel a vegetable that is good for your intestines and stomach. We grow at least a hundred a year in our greenhouse. We usually begin to harvest them at the end of October and will collect them up until Christmas. Fennel is prepared in various […]


Cheese with Fennel and Hazelnuts

Sometimes in the evening you just do not feel like cooking. In that case, this simple recipe is of great use. Just stop at the supermarket and buy some soft cheese or even sour cream (the cheese in my recipe is stracchino), a fennel bulb, hazelnuts, and some nuts, and […]


Tuscan Beans

In the past beans were the protein of the poor. Beans were cooked in many ways, accompanied by various ingredients according to the seasons. They were planted in the garden of the house and were the daily dish of peasants.  


Potatoes with Oregano

Potatoes are a great resource for our diet. They can be cooked in many ways and their flavor matches an infinite number of ingredients. The casserole that I propose can be used as a side dish and is suitable for simple things like fried eggs, sausages, or baked fish. For […]