Mini Green Apple Cup

Green apples, with their small percentage of sugar, always remind me of a fruit that is refreshing and cool. This summer recipe uses green apples in three forms—as gelato, a sauce, and as a decoration. Together, with a slightly alcoholic finish, they create an appropriate way to close a summer […]


Milk and Amarena Sauce

All households can make a dessert as simple as a sponge cake. However, this preparation is often uninviting and “dry” so I thought about making a simple and not too heavy sauce that could be a useful supplement to accompany this dessert for when you have guests over. This recipe […]


Austrian Cherry Cake

Cherries are irresistible to me. I always eat too many then I complain because I feel bloated. I justify it by saying that they are purifying. A couple of years ago I found a small booklet covered in the same material that the traditional costumes of the women in Carinthia […]


Strawberry Dolcezze

Meringues have always fascinated me. They are soft and light with an airiness and sweetness that seemed unattainable in my kitchen. After several attempts and failures I have found some ways to make the recipe I am presenting. Before describing the the recipe it is necessary to inform you that […]


Crème Brûlée

Crème brûlée is a popular dessert in both Italy and the United States. The recipes are varied and almost always have very imaginative names. A famous American chain of housewares and gourmet packaging presents the description of the recipe and a small tool that produces a flame that can caramelize […]


Cherry Surprise

This cake is decorated with symbols of Easter, it is a reworking of Black Forest Cherry Cake that I enjoyed adapting, transforming the sponge cake into a square containing a soft filling with cherries in syrup. This cake is very popular in Austria and Germany, where a competition is held […]


Dark Chocolate Cake With Cherries

Cakes with glossy chocolate frosting have always fascinated me. For this reason, many years ago I attended a course on working with chocolate in Perugia during the “Eurociocolat”event. From that experience I remember many funny moments, but the process of rendering chocolate to a shiny frosting remains a laborious practice […]