Stewed Conger Eel from the Island of Vis

I had never seen a “conger eel” live, I had only seen pictures in fish books so I decided to buy some steaks to taste. The fisherman I was serving good round steaks but I saw some fillets and I also wanted two of those. He sat in awe, and […]


Saturnia Cup

This cup comes as a reminder of the many moments I spent with my friend Marzia and our families at the thermal baths of Saturnia. The Maremma region in Tuscany provides the perfect setting for this place. A location where the man was able to keep up to date with […]


Spaghetti with Tomato with Oriental Notes

This simple dish was prepared with the ingredients from the kit delivered to bloggers at the Bio Brunch event organized by Alce Nero in Milan. The pasta is a variety made ​​with Senatore Cappelli wheat flour in which has an optimal result when cooked. I added the jarred chickpeas from […]


Spring Gnocchi

In this recipe I have tried to bring together the elements of spring – white and green asparagus, peas, spring onions, and fresh ricotta. This dish is a bit laborious, suitable for an important meal or when you want to pamper your family.  



This dessert is a classic in Italian cuisine and is also famous abroad. I think it is the only really known Italian dessert and it is available in all foreign restaurants that define themselves in Italian tradition. The main reason is related to the ease of execution and the softness […]



Alfajores are a small round cookie invented in 1948 in Buenos Aires by Demetrio Eliades, Benjamin and Luis Sisterna Sbaraglini. They founded the company HAVANNA based in Mar del Plata (Argentina). Havana comes from Havana, capital of Cuba, the country of origin of the founders. We tried this dessert for […]


Leek Pie

Leeks are a vegetable that is often used in place of onions, it is very delicate and aromatic, and more easily digestible. Although leeks are found throughout the year in the grocery store, I associate this vegetable with the autumn-winter period in which the vegetable tastes best. Before the leeks […]