Leek Pie

Leeks are a vegetable that is often used in place of onions, it is very delicate and aromatic, and more easily digestible. Although leeks are found throughout the year in the grocery store, I associate this vegetable with the autumn-winter period in which the vegetable tastes best. Before the leeks […]


Cauliflower Tortini

This recipe is a variation that I created using all the ingredients from a French recipe, a classic of the kitchen. This small savory cake is soft and can be useful to help those who usually do not love cauliflower. In winter it is very important to reap the benefits […]


Spaetzle With Cauliflower Cream

The first time I tasted spaetzle was during a trip to Austria. These dumplings were served as an accompaniment to a dish of pieces of meat with paprika. They were so soft and good that when I return home I immediately tried to create the recipe. Over the years I […]


Hazelnut Truffles

My Aunt Rita is a wonderful cook with a particular passion towards baking. We often exchange recipes. When I need help for some event where the presence of the guests is the most numerous, we often collaborate. A short time ago she was talking to me about Luca Montersino, a […]


Roman-Style Gnocchi

Semolina gnocchi entered my family menu when Andrea (my son) was two years old. Andrea, as I was able to tell, it was absolutely uninterested in food, he used all his energy towards games. I always had to invent something that seemed like a game. The gnocchi were also an […]


Fettuccine with Cavasso Red Onion

Young red onions from Cavasso have been a nice discovery. Despite living in the same province of Pordenone, I had never heard of this vegetable that until a few years ago they were the exclusive cultivation of kitchen gardens in the foothills of the municipality. Gianna, a friend of my […]


Shrimp with Two Celery

The dish can be presented as an appetizer or as a main course, it depends on the quantity. The doses written here are those of an entree. This is recipe published in the Christmas special of the magazine “A TAVOLA” from 1997. Every so often, when I need to relax, […]