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Cod Fillets with Aromatics


 I always considered cod a fish from the world of “industrial” cooking because it is easy to find precooked and frozen in various shapes and flavors. For this reason, I was always careful to avoid buying it. One winter we went to Boston to spend Christmas with our son. It […]


Octopus with Potatoes


 Whenever I happen to eat at a seafood restaurant, I always order octopus or squid as an appetizer. I really like this mollusk, but up until a few years ago, I thought I wouldn’t be able to make it as soft and tasty as in the restaurant.


Pork Tenderloin with Apples


 During my childhood, pork was the preferred meat of rural families. Pigs were raised on each farm to ensure the intake of protein and calories needed for heavy manual work. Pigs were fed with natural products – the waste of corn, the leftover water from boiled vegetables, and whey (waste […]


Pears in Wine


 This dessert is very simple and light. Some years ago, during a trip to Sicily, I gained an appreciation for this dish. When I returned home I immediately wanted to try the recipe, recalling the flavors that I recognized.


Risotto with Mushrooms


 Honey mushrooms, with their presence in the countryside surrounding my home, characterize the landscape. One time after the first autumn rain, my mom and I, armed with a knife and basket, walked to the river in search of this delicacy.


Eggplant Quiche


 Quiche are such a great invention. If we use ready-made puff pastry dough to implement them, they are ready in such a short time and we can prepare a dinner quickly. If we decide to invite friends over for a drink, a quiche can be prepared the night before and […]


Sicilian Pasta with Pine Nuts


 This pasta sauce reminiscent of the Mediterranean – its sun and its flavors. It’s a recipe that I my friend Magda made for me, who is also passionate about cooking. I usually reserve this dish for the times when I want a strong yet soft taste. The acidity of the […]