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(Italiano) Menù di Natale 2014

(Italiano) Dicembre: Profumo di Biscotti

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Summer Tables, Recollection of a trip to California

For my generation, California is a mythical place and a symbol of freedom. On August 23, 2013 I had the opportunity to take the trip I had always thought about with my husband.

This is a travel story that has food as its theme. The first day after we had a lot of time after we arrived thanks to the 9 hours time difference less than in Italy. We settled into the hotel and after we picked up our rental car, we had the whole afternoon ahead of us.

The first trip was out to Venice Beach, one of the famous beaches of Los Angeles. The very large beach of fine sand and as usual in the U.S. without sun beds and umbrellas, which makes the feeling of freedom more alive.

The chaotic and popular pedestrian promenade was lined with tourist shops and pharmacies that sold “medical marijuana”. In this chaos a little restaurant named “Venice Ale House” materialized before our eyes. It was all made of wood and full of young people shouting that advertised natural and organic products.

We sat down and savored a natural drink made ​​from ginger root and a burger accompanied by a particularly delicious salad and dips.
The first part of our journey was characterized by this typical product of fast food restaurants in some of California was transformed into quality product for the search of raw materials and cooking.

The second experience in this regard was the restaurant “Eveleigh” on Sunset Boulevard between Hollywood and Beverly Hills. The day was very hot and when we walked through the entrance of the place that reminded me of a pergola of a cool garden, we entered without worrying about the signaling guides.

The interior appeared intimate and familiar, with structures in old wood and fabric chairs excellent experienced and welcoming. The sandwich was excellent the meat was very fragrant. We had a nice meal that satisfied us also until dinner.

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Small Desserts for “Open Gardens”

On May 19, the “Open Gardens” even took place. The day started out by pouring rain and the visitors equipped themselves with rain boots and umbrellas. Fortunately, the situation improved in the afternoon and into the evening, the sun lit up the plants and roses. This experience has taught me that gardening enthusiasts do not stop even in the most adverse weather conditions and I admired my yard through the eyes of those who saw it for the first time. In short, it was a nice experience.

The event was organized by Professor Valeria Lanini, she did an amazing job and allowed us to have all the information on time. My husband was the supporter of the efforts that took up every weekend in the preceding month before the event. Andrea (my son) collaborated by drawing a map of the garden, Colleen (my daughter-in-law) did the graphic design of the brochure helped in the kitchen preparing cookies, savory pastries, and small desserts. Attilio and Michela (my in-laws) helped us to welcome guests. Her grandmother, as well as involving the following day a group of friends who, like you attend the Day Center for the elderly, has been promoting the telling of historical events that have affected the estate and the farmhouse.

The desserts that you see in the photos are small cakes with cherries (recipe below) and the Carrot Cake of Switzerland that is already on file in the blog.

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