Month: September 2012


This month we celebrate the first birthday of the blog, it all started last September. In this period several events have occurred, and looking back it was a very successful year, especially for the experiences that the blog allowed us to realize. I had the opportunity to participate in a […]


Turkey Strips With White And Red Grapes

Saturday morning we harvested the Merlot grapes from our small vineyard. The harvest has always been a fascinating event, especially for those who do not normally work in the country, so it becomes an opportunity for an extended family and gathering of a few friends. This year Rachel, an American […]


Summer Tables

To confirm that the kitchen and the table are the mirror of the culture of the country and present socio-economic situation at that time, I thought I would recall our summer experiences (mine and my husband’s) through four tables settings on which we sat to enjoy a moment of peace […]


Glazed Fig Puff Pastry

I saw this recipe in “Sale e Pepe” magazine. I modified it according to my own vision of the ingredients while respecting the principle of making the dish lighter. The pairing is very nice and if you like figs, this is a recipe for you! Quick and tasty.  


Sfogliatine of Gorgonzola and Pears

This year on the occasion of my sister’s birthday I decided to make dinner and bring together the whole family as well. The highlight of the meal were the pork chops, prepared with a special marinade of spices and apricot jam (made in June with the help of Colleen), that […]


Sprint Cup

One Sunday afternoon, while looking what I had in the fridge, I decided to make this cup. Since it’s really fast to make, I thought I’d call it “Sprint Cup”. The flavors are made up of some jars of candied fruit in syrup from the Italian brand “Toschi”. The name […]


Caramelized Figs In Red Wine

The figs that I used for this recipe were collected from a plant that was spontaneously born many years ago along the river that borders our property. The site is not suitable for the fig tree because it has its roots near the water and does not get much sun […]



When I was little in all the fields that my parents worked (in their case rented) there was a one that was particularly special. It had in fact the characteristic of being bordered to the right and left by a row of of fig trees. The owner of the land […]