Month: October 2011

Cream of Bean Soup with Shrimp Tails

Many people think that beans are earthy and rustic. Matched with shellfish, they become a surprising experience, something you usually only find in the dishes of great chefs. If you have the patience to prepare this recipe, you will discover a delicious and impressive dish.  


Sliced Pork with Apples

When my daughter-in-law Colleen arrived in Italy she brought some American cookbooks with her. One of her favorites is a book written by a famous New York chef, Mario Batali. While browsing through the pages of the book I found a recipe for baked apples in the pan as if […]


Pumpkin Muffins

I’ve always had a passion for dessert molds. Whenever we take trips, my husband and I visit shops for the house, always curious to see what’s new. The thing that fascinates me most are the molds that have the strangest designs.  


Pumpkin Lasagna

Meat lasagna or baked lasagna is definitely a classic Italian cuisine. A few years ago I tried to make a lasagna of replacing the meat sauce with diced pumpkin because I like to experiment with old recipes using unusual ingredients. I used a very firm type of pumpkin called “Marina […]


Egg and Spinach Nests

Spinach and eggs are good for your health, but sometimes it’s hard to find fans of these two simple and important ingredients. Many years ago, when I was trying to entice my son to eat them, I invented these nests. I found some nice ceramic soup pots (which you see […]


Fennel Gratin

My family has always considered fennel a vegetable that is good for your intestines and stomach. We grow at least a hundred a year in our greenhouse. We usually begin to harvest them at the end of October and will collect them up until Christmas. Fennel is prepared in various […]


Fish with Green Sauce and Polenta

When it starts to get cold and dark early, try this recipe for fish accompanied by white polenta: it will warm your heart. It’s a single course and is also suitable if you have guests. The most difficult task is filleting the fish when it is cooked. If you are […]