Month: July 2012

Apricots in Wine and Rosemary

You still find apricots in the market in July. I found this recipe in a book by Marianne Paquin: “In Tavola Appena Colti!” The combination of apricots and rosemary really interested me and I wanted to experience it. My family loved it. We could define it as a nice treat […]


Sauteed Eggplant in the Pan

This recipe is very fast, but it requires fresh eggplant. To ensure that the eggplant is fresh, it should have the following characteristics: Glossy skin, The stem and the calyx should be a beautiful green color with no brown spots, When you clutch the eggplant with your fingers, the flesh […]


“Piarsolade” Cold Soup of Peaches and Wine

The scent of a “piarsolade” entices me even though I usually do not drink wine. This cold peach soup can be made with a white wine or red one. If you use a red wine this soup has the final taste of something like sangria. This is a preparation which […]


Santa Rosa Plum Granita

The man who designed and lived in my house in 1912 had to be a world traveler and an avid botanist because the fruit trees that adorned the entire property were unusual varieties, among them a plum tree, whose red pulp fragrances emanated a perfume that was previously unknown and […]


Cherry Old Fashioned

Like many Americans, my son and daughter-in-law have a particular passion for cocktails. They experiment with cocktail ingredients that maintain one another’s roots, traditions, and flavors but create interesting twists by mixing together different ingredients. The cocktail that I propose transforms a famous New York cocktail using a traditional ingredient […]



Tomatoes are said to be the most widely used vegetable in the world. Tomatoes originated from the Andean Cordillera between Chile and Equador. The Incas were the earliest cultivators of this vegetable. Tomatoes are rich in minerals and trace elements. Potassium predominates over all and helps our body to regain […]


Apricot Cup with the Flavor of Almonds

Toschi’s almond syrup is usually used to make drinks such as “almond milk”. I thought about using it to prepare cups of delicious desserts. I have an old apricot tree in my yard and every year we plan to cut it down because it produces few fruits that are mostly […]


Bruschetta with Tomatoes

A fresh and tasty tomato bruschetta is a good antidote to the summer heat. This simple preparation requires that the ingredients are of high quality. In recent times it had become fashionable to prepare this dish using cherry (pachino) tomatoes because they easy to prepare since you don’t need to […]