Month: February 2012

Dark Chocolate Cake With Cherries

Cakes with glossy chocolate frosting have always fascinated me. For this reason, many years ago I attended a course on working with chocolate in Perugia during the “Eurociocolat”event. From that experience I remember many funny moments, but the process of rendering chocolate to a shiny frosting remains a laborious practice […]



During this month I have received from some of you guidance and encouragement for the future of the blog. Many have written me using the contact form. At the end of this long vacation I need to process your suggestions and consider how to proceed. Meanwhile I give you one […]


Scallops with Avocado

In Florida, the warm climate and abundant nature invites to a light diet and strongly bound to the context. A very common fruit is the avocado, which you can also find in Italian supermarkets. Is hight in potassium (more than bananas) and vitamin E and B1. The recipe that I […]