Month: December 2011


December signifies Christmas and all of its atmosphere. Christmas is a magical moment for us. I can say without exaggeration that when my husband and I designed the space in our house, we immediately thought of a place for the Christmas tree. I already start thinking about Christmas dinner during […]


Gingerbread House

A house where everything is edible is in many children’s fables and dreams. When my son was small, I had the opportunity to make different houses with pastry or sponge cake, forming them into the classic shape of a hut. The houses were enriched with elements inspired by the garden […]


December Salad

This is a small fresh antipasto salad suitable to begin Christmas lunch. It can also be used as a single dish for dinner in the following days when you want to give your stomach a rest and dispose of a few calories.  


Spinach Sformatino with Mushroom Sauce

This “sformatino” was my first experiment at home to enjoy the soft delicacies that are often served at the opening of restaurant meals. This test made me realize the opportunity I had to experiment with the various types of vegetable “sformatini” and ingredients. I plan to present many more.  


Cream of Lentil Soup

The recipe combines the symbols of winter: good luck and prosperity lentils, cabbage, a vegetable resistant to frost of winter, and sweet winter squash. This soup is served in small portions using consommé cups, can be incorporated into an important meal, and is delicious and easy to digest. It can […]


Turkey Roll with Garden Fragrances

Some years ago I was looking for a new way to prepare turkey. I explored many recipes and I finally found one that convinced me. In the original recipe, the turkey roll is baked in two stages. The first stage includes a turkey roll that is browned and pulled off […]


Roman Artichokes

If you happen to travel to Rome, you’ll notice that in many restaurants, the artichokes are always served with the stem straight upwards. This peculiarity surprised me the first time I saw it, but when I tasted and savored the softness, I realized that this was the best way to […]


Pomegranate Sorbet

Some years ago I discovered this recipe was suitable to end a meal as important as Christmas. It is very simple to implement and can be prepared well in advance. Pomegranates are very useful for your stomach and its tannins help fight inflammation. The shape of the pomegrante is often […]