Beautiful and good, these are the characteristics that concisely represent this vegetable. Beautiful because it can be the heart of nice bouquets of flowers. Good because it contains potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, folic acid and vitamin C. Its main feature is to be a natural anti-inflammatory. It also helps to […]



In the early days of February, if the garden is not iced over you can start to see the flowering of hellebores which will then continue until March. This flower once planted in the right place does not require great care. It needs a small amount of manure in the […]


Cavasso Red Onions

Cavasso red onions from Pordenone, are hard to find. Being a niche product grown in small quantities is not commonly found in the supermarket, I must point out this product for its significance in a world that is moving towards genetically modified products. First off, these are an ode to […]



Zucchini have always been part of our summer meals. My family always consumed them in large quantities, particularly boiled and on Sundays filled with bechamel (see recipe in the archive). My aunt was the gardener of the house. She liked to experiment with new varieties. So when someone suggested zucchini […]


Moscatella Gialla Cherries

In general I don’t enjoy exercising for merely physical purposes, but I do like to get out and move my body. I love walking because it allows me to observe new things even if the paths that I go down are known. In the fields near my house there is […]


Open Gardens

The flowers that accompany my table settings and that often peep out from the dishes photographed, are grown in our yard. This year I agreed to participate the event “Open Gardens” to make a public tribute to the landscape architect Paolo De Rocco, defender of nature and lover of antiquity. […]


Grumolo: A Spring Chicory

This intense green chicory is a beautiful plant that is harvested in the spring when the spring rains abound and dampens its leaves. The seeds are sown in late summer and the plant emits tender leaves that die during the winter to be reborn as a fleshy roses in the […]



Fennel is a vegetable that is valuable to our health. It is low in calories are high in minerals, vitamin C, potassium, magnesium and iron. It possess numerous fibers which facilitate the functionality of the intestine and fennel’s digestive properties are useful for mothers who are breastfeeding. The seeds are […]