Grumolo: A Spring Chicory

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This intense green chicory is a beautiful plant that is harvested in the spring when the spring rains abound and dampens its leaves. The seeds are sown in late summer and the plant emits tender leaves that die during the winter to be reborn as a fleshy roses in the spring. The seeds of grumolo can also bring satisfaction to an inexperienced gardener since after the preparation of the ground and sowing, this kind of vegetables does not require any care and should be left alone until harvest.

Grumolo really is a vegetable that is BEAUTIFUL, GOOD, and HEALTHY. The fleshiness of its leaves is accompanied by a good amount of minerals, especially iron and calcium. The fibers help to cleanse the body. This seems to be a typical Italian chicory but I found a company named Franchi that sells seeds in the United States.


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