Month: January 2013


Cold and darkness characterize the first month of the year, especially in this part of Italy. Vacations and the Christmas holidays are over, the decorations have been placed away and there is a bit of a heavy feeling from the many dinners and desserts that we’ve eaten. In the garden […]


Guinea Fowl with Dried Fruit

Guinea fowl seem to originate from ancient Numidia (now Algeria). They were probably called “Pharaoh”, faraone in Italian, because they were an animal that was very popular with the Egyptian kings who lived close to the border of Algeria. In fact, guinea fowl are a very regal poultry with their […]


Sole Fillets with Oranges

During the month of January, citrus fruits are excellent and it is good to use them as much as possible in the kitchen not only as a fruit. This way we can make lighter dishes that are tasty and contain a good supply of vitamin C. This recipe uses oranges […]


Contest: le Arance della Salute

Le arance sono sempre state la mia passione. Delle arance mi piace tutto, persino sbucciarle. Quando mio figlio era bambino preparavo una piccola montagna di spicchi che lasciavo vicino a dove giocava. Lui ogni tanto ne mangiava uno, quasi sopra pensiero e alla fine del gioco la piccola montagna non […]


Paccheri Pasta with Stars

Belgian endive is a vegetable that I use often during the winter stewed with a little beer. This recipe pairs it with pasta and the result is very tasty. This first course dish is a dish containing: carbohydrates, protein, calcium and vitamins.  


Salmon Quiche

Legend has it that the “quiche” or pie according to the French actually derives from the German word “kuchen” i.e. a cake that could contain both sweet and savory items like cheese. It became famous thanks to a baker in 1500 from Nancy, France. Lorraine used a mixture of bread […]


Baci Di Dama Cookies

The first written recipes were created by the chefs who worked for great noble families who had a professional chef who devoted himself exclusively to cooking and had sufficient raw materials to experiment with new dishes improving the quality of food. I found the recipe for these “kisses” in a […]


Winter Scented Crepes

This recipe comes from Stefania who prepared it some time ago for a Christmas lunch. I really liked because it wraps up the scents of winter and the flavors of Friuli. In fact, the cheese that provides the right creaminess to this preparation is a cheese called “stracchino”. This product, […]