Month: October 2013

Il Vulcano

C’era una volta un piccolo paesino con le case bianche. Le casette guardavano il mare blù, ma alle spalle avevano un grande e imponente vulcano. A guardare da lontano questo luogo sembrava che un gigante avesse perso da suo tascapane le piccole case e così casualmente fossero finite lì. In […]


Cookies From Frantoio

This recipe was made ​​for the contest “ExtraDOLCEMENTE” held in Pisa. To enhance the fragrances emanating from the olive oil I thought I’d combine the raisins and red goji berries, a Chinese fruit that is recently also sold in Italian supermarkets. The oil used is from the farm of “Caesar […]


Pear and Olive Oil Bundt Cake

Participation in the competition “ExtraDOLCEMENTE” held in Pisa, has allowed me to experiment in the use of olive oil in baking. Extra virgin olive oil is the basis of my kitchen and it is found in the recipes I publish on the blog. The culture of olive oil comes from […]


Summer Tables, Recollection of a trip to California

For my generation, California is a mythical place and a symbol of freedom. On August 23, 2013 I had the opportunity to take the trip I had always thought about with my husband. This is a travel story that has food as its theme. The first day after we had […]