Risotto with Red Wine from Vis

Our stay on the island of VIS (in Dalmatia, Croatia) started with a bottle of red wine from the Plavac grape variety, typical of this island, that the owner of the apartment brought as a welcome gift. A light in Lucio’s eyes twinkled, because we had agreed to abstain from […]


Tomato Risotto

I tried this rice many years ago while camping with my classmate Carla. I was struck by the simplicity of its execution and its deliciousness. Carla said, “This is a typical dish suitable for camping and for those who do not want to cook like me!” I make it often […]


Risotto of Flowers

Rice is an excellent accompaniment to all kinds of vegetables and helps you prepare, for a very low cost, a complete single dish that nourishes and provides great satisfaction to the palate. In my family, risotto was always on the weekly menu in all seasons. Rice provides an infinite number […]


Risotto with Hazelnuts and Fennel

Fennel is a valuable asset for our health especially in winter when the variety of vegetables decreases. The risotto that I propose was invented when I had a craving for rice and little time to make it. I thought I’d add toasted hazelnuts that with their caloric intake can transform […]


Rice and Potato Soup

This soup is a classic dish of peasant cooking from Friuli. We have different opinions about its goodness in my family. I personally find it delicious, from the very first spoonful it makes me feel warm and I feel safe at home. Every time that I announce that I’m making […]



When my son was small he didn’t show any interest in food. All his thoughts and energies were devoted to games. Therefore I always tried to invent new solutions to stimulate a little curiosity in food. I believe that only curiosity gives some children reasons to approach food especially when […]


Spring Risotto with Wild Hop Shoots

Yesterday morning I woke up very early to take a walk in the fields behind my house. While walking along the bank of the river that runs through the countryside, I found the first hop shoots. Although I had to go to work, I lingered for a little while and […]


Pumpkin Risotto with Basil

In Italian cuisine you often find pumpkin combined with sage and rosemary. During a holiday some years ago, I tasted some pumpkin gnocchi served with butter and basil. I really enjoyed the pairing, and as usual, when I returned home I began to experiment.