Month: October 2012


October, the month in which we begin commitments and duties. Vacations are finally over and school is now in full swing and the workplace is a more intense place. This is the time when the annual cultural and artistic events start. During this period you start enjoying be more at […]


Zaleti Cookies

It is said that “zaleti” cookies come from a recipe born in Friuli, but became famous in Venice, where they were sold on the street or door to door. The name “zaleto” which means yellow in Venice, comes from the use of corn flour which gives them their classic color. […]


Babette’s Feast

I saw this movie for the first time many years ago when I still had not developed my ideas on food. At that time the film seemed dark and slow, belonging to a world far away, and at that time I was not able to grasp its true essence. I […]


Mackerel with Lemon

Mackerel are fish that most people are familiar as fillets canned in oil, but in reality this fish is very tasty if eaten fresh. Mackerel are considered fatty fish and therefore it is used little in the daily diet of families. Finding the right way to cook it, with barely […]


Herb Butter

This recipe is especially dedicated for those who have planted herbs in a garden or on a balcony. During the winter season the herbs dry out and then return to life in the spring. This is therefore an appropriate time to pick them and prepare Maître d’Hôtel Butter. Properly stored […]


Shrimp with Polenta

The first autumn evenings have cooler air and invite you prepare something hot and steaming. This recipe of shrimp and polenta was created for those evening.