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October, the month in which we begin commitments and duties. Vacations are finally over and school is now in full swing and the workplace is a more intense place. This is the time when the annual cultural and artistic events start. During this period you start enjoying be more at home. In the evening it’s nice to start to think again about a delcious dinner and a comfortable chair to rest in.

The month of October is an auspicious month for fishing and you can find many varieties in the supermarket. This month the chestnuts and persimmons ripen and the gathering of hazelnuts and walnuts occurs. October is the month when pomegranates are ready to harvest like apples. In the bounty of vegetables, we find fennel and cauliflower as well as the first radishes.

If you do not love to cook, try to do so starting this month with some new recipe, your home will be more comfortable and a real pleasure to return to. The picture shows a composition with asters that bloom until the first days of October. In addition, I also added some hot peppers, the tomatoes and hydrangeas which are now somewhat faded but still able to provide a good support to the center of the table.


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