Month: May 2013


The heat of the sun invites us to begin the season of lunches out in the yard. A “rosa banksiaerose” commonly known as “Lady Banks’ Rose bush” illuminates the corner where the table is set up to eat outside. May is the month of strawberries, asparagus, lettuce, and the first […]


Open Gardens

The flowers that accompany my table settings and that often peep out from the dishes photographed, are grown in our yard. This year I agreed to participate the event “Open Gardens” to make a public tribute to the landscape architect Paolo De Rocco, defender of nature and lover of antiquity. […]


Asparagus Sformatino

Because my husband is a huge fanatic of asparagus, the month of May is always dedicated to searching out places where it was fresh picked. The quantities we generally buy are pretty large so I have to organize myself to cook it in various ways. One night when I came […]