Month: June 2012


I always associate June with cherries. When I was little we had a large cherry tree and its fruit was particularly delicious. Even my father craved it. I waited anxiously for him to have a little time to collect the cherries. I went with him and patiently waited under the […]


Mini Green Apple Cup

Green apples, with their small percentage of sugar, always remind me of a fruit that is refreshing and cool. This summer recipe uses green apples in three forms—as gelato, a sauce, and as a decoration. Together, with a slightly alcoholic finish, they create an appropriate way to close a summer […]


Zucchini Tart

Zucchini are part of the family Cucurbitaceae, which I see as small saturated containers of water and mineral salts. It seems that through them nature wants to provide us with all the precious elements that we need to face the summer heat. Zucchini are very versatile and they are available […]


Milk and Amarena Sauce

All households can make a dessert as simple as a sponge cake. However, this preparation is often uninviting and “dry” so I thought about making a simple and not too heavy sauce that could be a useful supplement to accompany this dessert for when you have guests over. This recipe […]


Cuttlefish with Peas

Before the end of pea season I suggest this quick recipe. You can also use frozen peas, taking care to select the smaller ones and tender ones. This dish can be useful to propose even to those who are not lovers of fish such as children.  



When my son was small he didn’t show any interest in food. All his thoughts and energies were devoted to games. Therefore I always tried to invent new solutions to stimulate a little curiosity in food. I believe that only curiosity gives some children reasons to approach food especially when […]


Austrian Cherry Cake

Cherries are irresistible to me. I always eat too many then I complain because I feel bloated. I justify it by saying that they are purifying. A couple of years ago I found a small booklet covered in the same material that the traditional costumes of the women in Carinthia […]