Month: August 2012


In Italy and in Europe the month of August was always the ideal month for vacation. The major industries always shut down and the pace slowed down in the office and everyone thought about leaving behind worries to enjoy recreation and relaxation. This was how it was until recently. Now […]


Baked Zucchini Gratin

Zucchini accompany our daily meals from May to August. We start by planting in the greenhouse to continue planting in open field. Zucchini are easy to cook and low in calories. They go very well with both meat and fish. The recipe that I present can also be seen as […]


Cherry Tomatoes with 4 Flavors

Stuffed tomatoes are a good idea for a summer lunch or dinner. This dish comes in 4 different versions that can be cooked together like I did. This way you can satisfy the tastes of most people with a few ingredients. The common element is the 4 preparations is bread […]


Raspberry Basket

Collecting raspberries near a forest is not a job but an activity that is romantic and connects us with nature. Raspberries are a magical little fruit. The color, fragility, and delicacy of the flesh creates a surprising flavor in your mouth. When my son was little we would spend the […]


Summer Salad

Writing a recipe for tomatoes and cucumbers is certainly banal. It is simply a dish that even those who can not cook prepare. However last Sunday I decided to make the salad in an unusual way by presenting it as if it were the main course. I also used an […]


Watermelon Appetizer

The watermelon in this recipe is used to make an interesting appetizer, light and fit to begin a summer dinner or a quick snack on hot summer days. A few weeks ago Colleen prepared this recipe, recalling a dish she had eaten at a Polo match in the United States. […]