Month: March 2013

Easter Menu

The proposals for the Easter menu presented here offer suggestions for a light menu that is easy to prepare and inexpensive. All the ingredients are in season. The almonds and oranges of the second plate evoke the scents of the dove-shaped cake baked at Easter similar to panettone called Colomba […]


Creamy Artichoke Soup

This soup could be ideal for Easter Day’s dinner, a lightweight way to end the day after Easter lunch. The flavors are refined and this can be served even if there are guests. If you find mint, you can add a couple of leaves together with the parsley.  



The Pordenone Fair, “CUCINARE: Enogastronomy FAIR AND TECHNOLOGIES FOR FOOD” opens this year from March 22 to 25 and it seems like a good opportunity. Perhaps not everyone knows that the “Zanussi” (the brand REX) now, “Electrolux”, was the largest manufacturer of Italian Appliances, created to bring in the Italian […]



Finally, the hellebores are in bloom. The rain and the first warm sun have provided us with this beautiful flower and it has emerged from the dense foliage. For a few days I watched and tended to them and today, the first day of the month, I was able to […]


Raw Artichoke Salad with Flakes of Parmesan

In the 70s, the San Lorenzo market in Florence was a real triumph of colors and scents. In the spring, it was characterized in a blaze of strawberries, beans pods, and violet and spiny artichokes. At that time I was a college student and lived not far from the San […]


The King’s Ciambelle Cookies

In the Venice bakeries is easy to peek through the window and see these cookies placed neatly in clear plastic bags with satin bow. This belongs to an ancient tradition. It seems that these cookies were packed for the king of Venice during the Easter period. These cookies are called […]



When you purchase artichokes they should not have dark spots and you can recognize their freshness by touching them. They should be tight and the artichoke that should be firm. Soft tissues are more bitter and stringy.  


Mackerel in Ginger Sauce

Friday at the fish department of the grocery store I saw some beautiful mackerel with shiny skin with shades of silver blue diamonds. I decided to buy them. I wanted to cook them in a way that would make them easy to digest and so I thought of a recipe. […]