Month: August 2013


From a nutritional point of view this month is the triumph of the color red. Red is displayed in a thirst-quenching watermelon, red raspberries, and the blushing cheeks of nectarines and tomatoes. August in Friuli means the gardens will be full of vegetables as well as the shelves of vegetables […]


Basil Granita with Strawberry Compote

The granita I made comes from a recipe from the magazine “La Cucina” of the Corriere della Sera. Since December last year (2012) I have not found on it on newsstands and for that I am very sorry. The magazine had very nice graphic layout with original recipes that were […]


Tomato Risotto

I tried this rice many years ago while camping with my classmate Carla. I was struck by the simplicity of its execution and its deliciousness. Carla said, “This is a typical dish suitable for camping and for those who do not want to cook like me!” I make it often […]