Month: September 2011

I am working on October recipes, I will be back with the weekly menu next Thursday October 6th. Sto lavorando alle ricette del mese di Ottobre. Ritornerò con il menu della settimana Giovedì 6 Ottobre. A presto!  



This is my favorite month. The summer has not yet gone and the autumn brings the promise of rich and delicious fruits. The nights start to become colder making cooking in the kitchen more pleasurable. In September the best things of my life have always started and I hope this […]


Sole Fillets with Zucchini

This recipe uses sole fillet as its base. Sole is a fish that is very delicate and rarely sold whole. It is usually found in fillet form both fresh and frozen. I used fresh fillets in this recipe. The advantage of sole is that it cooks in minutes.  


Swordfish with Parsley

Swordfish is the symbol of Sicily, and even though it is possible to catch it in the Atlantic Ocean, us Italians are bound to the fish that come from the sea that surrounds our peninsula. Swordfish is a fish of great size, can weigh up to 300 pounds, and is […]


Taste of the Garden Skewers

The success of “hamburgers” and all the typical preparations of fast food and kebabs is due to the fact that they are prepared in a way that is simple and easy to eat, soft and shredded into a sandwich or flatbread with some vegetables.  


Soft Pear Cake

Several pear trees have been planted around my house over the years. I can say that every member of my family has their own preferred variety. There is still an antique “butirro” tree variety planted by my grandfather which matures in August. The latest addition to our family, Colleen, also […]


Penne with Gorgonzola

This recipe represents a one plate meal, suited to be a dinner without other additions. If your family is really hungry simply increase the portion of pasta per person. In this case you will need to increase the other ingredients by ⅓. This recipe uses a typical Italian cheese called […]


Tuscan Beans

In the past beans were the protein of the poor. Beans were cooked in many ways, accompanied by various ingredients according to the seasons. They were planted in the garden of the house and were the daily dish of peasants.