Month: September 2011

Pears and Camembert

You only need a few ingredients to prepare a delightful dinner. The combination of cheese and pears has been around for ages. This recipe adds a further element of the season: walnuts.  


Trout with Almonds

This recipe came from reading a nice book on American cooking that I was given some years ago. The book presented a recipe for a beautiful brook trout caught in Maine, cooked in a pan with almonds.  


Grilled Calamari

This simple recipe is perfect for a night that you want to cook something nice in a short time. For the simplicity that characterizes this dish, it is necessary that the squid is very fresh.  


Beef Tenderloin with Green Peppercorns

Beef tenderloin cooked “à point” or medium rare is my favorite dish. Because the steak is cooked rare, it is necessary that the meat comes from a healthy and sanitary source. It should be purchased in a supermarket that is noted for high quality meat or from a butcher you […]


Raspberry Mousse

Mousses, “i dolci al cucchiaio” (desserts eaten with a spoon), are the perfect way to finish a dinner with guests. I learned this type of preparation from a chef friend of the family when she was about 20 years old. She decided to give me some recipes that introduced me […]


Potatoes with Oregano

Potatoes are a great resource for our diet. They can be cooked in many ways and their flavor matches an infinite number of ingredients. The casserole that I propose can be used as a side dish and is suitable for simple things like fried eggs, sausages, or baked fish. For […]


Tomato Quiche

This recipe was developed two weeks ago using two types of ricotta I bought at the supermarket out of curiosity. There were two small packages of ricotta, one sheep and the other goat. Their flavor is much stronger than cow’s milk ricotta, so I thought I’d make them the principal […]


September Salad

Salad or other fresh vegetables should always be present in our meals. Sometimes it’s useful to prepare them as our main course and if we are hungry, they can be accompanied by a small piece of cheese or lean ham. The combination of vegetables and fruit in this salad is […]