Month: November 2011

Spinach Stuffed Calamari

I have a typical recipe of the cuisine from Veneto and Friuli regions in Italy for “Calamari in Umido”. Since I am not fond this preparation, I thought of a way to make the dish lighter. The recipe that I propose combines spinach with a few pine nuts. Overall, the […]


Smoked Herring Crostini

The following recipe is dedicated to fans of this fish, which mainly comes in smoked fillets ready for consumption in Italy. For some years I’ve found the version with less salt in the grocery store, definitely preferable to the saltier preparations. In the tradition of the country where I live, […]


Chocolate Pudding

Pudding is a dessert that is usually used by families for children’s snacks. There are many easy-to-use packets on the market that contain all the ingredients you need. Add a little milk and you’re done. Other homemade recipes contain eggs and therefore result in heavier puddings.  


Steamed Salmon

Thanks to intensive farming, salmon has become a cheap and affordable fish to everyone. Unfortunately farming does not replicate the splendid taste that salmon develops living in the wild in the cold waters of the north where the fish swim against the current. If you happen to find wild salmon, […]


Homemade Meat Broth

A good cup of meat broth was once the conventional medicine that was advised for colds and recovery from sickness in general. Today meat broth is made with various types of meat and granulated preparations, making it possible to prepare soups without having to follow the lengthy preparation for broth. […]


Pineapple Trifle

Soft and creamy desserts are perfect to serve at the end of a dinner or lunch. The recipe proposed is very simple: a variant of Zuppa Inglese, a dessert that is very popular in Italy. It is important to have good quality ladyfingers for this recipe. I advise you to use […]


Grandma’s Meatballs

The recipe is an example of domestic economy and use of leftovers in the modern era has been lost. Grandma’s meatballs are made with meat that has been used to make a good broth. In truth, boiled meat is not particularly pleasing to people except for a few admirers. It […]